L 6 Leadership and Social Networking: Updating Your Ministry Status (2011)

Some leaders are blazing a social networking trail through cyberland. Many more wonder wearily if this is yet another thing they 'must' do to lead their church into growth. And a few simply throw up their hands in despair.

There are pitfalls of the need to be needed, addiction and loneliness, and yet, skilfully used, social media can enhance our community lives, mission, understanding of our people and ability to mentor in a fragmented world. Come and find out how.
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Author: Anna Drew

Anna Drew is an Anglican working for the Methodist Church in Britain as Lead Media Officer. She is passionate about theology, film, radio and online communication. She lives in Kent with her husband Jim.

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Author: Richard Moy

Richard Moy is Fresh Expressions Advisor in the Diocese of Lichfield and founder of Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries. He is married to Nicola, a curate in Wolverhampton, and they have 3 small children.

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