L 41 Leadership for the Long Term: Affirming the Value of Staying (2020)


While mobility is a career pattern championed in the secular workplace, embedded, context-based Christian leadership can often entail the exact opposite.

This persuasive booklet is designed to encourage leaders that long term can have great benefits—for the leader, the church’s ministry and the community it serves. It affirms the value of listening to local people, both within the church and outside the church, as part of a leader’s discernment process.

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Author: Henry Corbett

Henry Corbett has lived and worked in Everton since the 1970s. He is married to Jane and they have three children—Emma, Sarah and Tom—and grandson Lucas. He was Area Dean for Liverpool North 2002-2012, has a first class degree in theology, and enjoys sport, good films, reading and discussions.

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