L 39 Being Ourselves and Denying Ourselves: Losing and Finding Yourself as a Christian Leader (2020)


Christian leadership involves a paradox. Christ calls us to deny ourselves and yet ministerial vocations are increasingly shaped by the idea of being ourselves as God made us, and using our gifts and passions for the kingdom. 

This thought-provoking guide examines how this paradox connects us with the very gospel that underpins discipleship, leading to ministry that involves both bearing our cross and experiencing life in its fullness. It explores questions about day-to-day ordained ministry, about well-being in leadership, and about wise discernment in the life of the church. 

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Author: Richard Wyld

Richard Wyld studied theology in Durham and has been ordained in the Church of England since 2013. He has a particular interest in biblical studies, and is motivated by finding ways to make theology accessible to all. He likes avant-garde rock music.

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