L 37 Leading in a Second Chair: Insights for First- and Second-chair Leaders (2019)


While many churches model a top-down hierarchy of leadership, on-the-ground roles and responsibilities are often far more nuanced. And when everyone shares in serving in leadership, congregations and individuals have the opportunity to thrive. 

This booklet examines the field of second chair leadership, an area of study that seeks to understand how leaders and their deputies work together. It examines a range of roles and church cultures, and outlines practical ways ahead for both first and second chair leaders.

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Author: Tim Harle

Tim Harle works at Sarum College’s Centre for Leadership Learning, where he oversees the MA in Christian Approaches to Leadership. His second chair experience includes both business and church settings. He is a visiting fellow at Bristol Business School and a licensed lay minister (Reader) in rural Wiltshire.

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