L 33 Appreciative Inquiry: Strategically Discerning a Church’s Future (2018)


How do we discern what God is doing in a church, and where he might be taking it? 

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strategic development tool from the business world that can also function as a godly form of discernment. This practical guide is a lived example of AI at work, and shows how it can be used to actively involve every member of a congregation and bring about long-term transformation and cultural change.

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Author: Andrew Schuman

Andrew Schuman is Vicar of St Christopher’s in South Bristol and works for his deanery. As a Franciscan and a geographer he has a heart for chaplaincy and for joining in with what God is doing in the world, and also ministers as a Chaplain to St John Ambulance and the Sea Cadet Corps.

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