L 3 Loving Volunteers: Loving Those You Lead and Inspiring Others to Do the Same (2011)

Most members of church teams are volunteers, and volunteering is in rapid decline in our culture. How can the Christian leader lead vounteers effectively?

This practical study explores the reasons why people volunteer, the skills needed in leading volunteers, and the different dynamics for volunteers of different generations, providing an essential resource for the emotionally intelligent leader.
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Author: Richard Steel

Currently the Mission Team Leader for Lincoln Diocese, I was formerly Rector of a medium sized Anglican church in Huddersfield and Rural Dean, invovled in forming, leading and being part of many types and sizes of team. Prior to that I was Communication Director of the Church Mission Society. During that time I led a large department with various teams and was involved in a considerable amount of change management. While with CMS I took part in Exeter University's Post-Graduate Leadership Studies programme. Previous to that I had 10 years' experience in the fields of media and communications. My interest in leadership started, even if I didn't realise it as such, in my days in Scouting, and when I joined my church's Parochial Church Council as the youngest member. This has given me a realisation of the key importance of early experience in developing leadership skills and a passion for encouraging leadership responsibilities among young people. I have experienced the differences in leadership of paid and voluntary teams and the kinds of motivation involved. Beyond, and indeed within, my church responsibilities I function particularly in the areas of social entrepreneurship, networking and community leadership, and continue my interest in communications and media.

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