L 26 Managing Change: Practical Tools for Good Change in Churches (2016)


Change is a certainty in any aspect of human life, and particularly so for a church rooted in tradition and local context. How can Christian leaders harness the energetic and forward-thinking in their congregations, while ushering through the more sceptical and cautious?

This booklet focuses on models and tools to facilitate the process of transition, using, amongst other things, the story of the Exodus as a reference in managing moving from an ending, through a ‘neutral’ in-between phase and into a new beginning.

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Author: Alison Myers

Currently part of the clergy team for a network of worshipping communities across 11 villages, Alison Myers was previously assistant minister in a pioneering church in new housing, and before ordination worked as a consultant and trainer in change management and team building for a variety of client organizations.

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