L 2 The Inner Life of a Christian Leader (2010)


Much teaching on leadership focuses on skills and abilities, tactics and strategies: the outward aspects of leadership. But Christian leadership, whether in 'the world' or in ministry, is always going to be more concerned with the inner life of the leader.

This wide-ranging study draws on a number of different Christian traditions to explore what it is that sustains the leader in his or her leadership.

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Author: Chris Blakeley

Chris Blakeley founded Waverley Learning in 2000 with the aim of providing space for deeper learning for leaders in busy organizational lives. Inspired by the Benedictine tradition, Chris has been running monastic retreats for many years and also has a private spiritual direction practice.

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Author: Sue Howard

Sue Howard founded Holistic Leadership in 2008 and offers spiritual mentoring and accompaniment to business leaders. She has previously worked as the Management Development Manager for World Vision UK, and at Cranfield School of Management.

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