L 12 The Leader and the Family: Being Effective in Ministry Without Family Losing Out (2013)

Achieving a balance between work and family is a challenge for any working parent, but can be especially difficult for those experiencing the unique demands of Christian ministry.

Factors such as living family life in the goldfish bowl of tied accommodation, or the extra scrutiny received by the minister's children, can each take their toll. This helpful guide takes an honest look at both the negative and positive aspects of being a church leader, setting out a biblical framework for managing the pressures and celebrating the benefits.
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Author: Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill is UK Director for the national charity Care for the Family. She speaks and writes widely on family issues, and has co-authored two books: ‘Rules of Engagement’ and ‘Keeping Faith.’ She is married to Richard. They have four children, and lead the family ministry at Christ Church, Clifton.

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