L 1 Discerning Leadership: Cooperating with the Go-Between God (2010)

At the start of the church's ministry, the apostles were not invited to deploy their resources or plan their strategy, but were commanded to wait for the Holy Spirit. That same command comes to the church today, in unfamiliar and unpredictable times.

To launch the new Grove Leadership series, Graham Cray explores what it means for leaders to cultivate an environment that innovates and releases the missional imagination present in a community of God's people by virtue of the Spirit's presence, and what that means for the worldview, charisms, character and experience of such leaders.
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Author: Rt Revd Graham Cray

Graham is Bishop of Maidstone. He was formerly Vicar of St Michael-le-Belfrey in York, and then Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He is chairman of the Soul Survivor Trust and chaired the working party which produced 'Mission-Shaped Church'.

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