iD 1 Anglican Discipleship: Everyday Faith and Everyday Witness (2021)


For some, Anglican discipleship is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms that cannot sit comfortably together. For others it is a tautology, a repetition of qualities that are so inherent to one another as to render their association unnecessary.

This study plays with the two terms and probes how they interact and spark off each other, exploring the theme from a specifically British perspective. Its central tenet is that as the church in the West experiences loss and death, encouraging signs of awakening point to new approaches to everyday faith and witness.

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Author: Martyn Snow

Martyn Snow has a background in the world church, having been born in Indonesia and served in West Africa with CMS. He is a member of the Church of England Ministry Council and Chair of the Archbishops’ College of Evangelists. He is a keen fan of Leicester City Football Club.

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