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Ev 99 Church Planting in the UK Since 2000: Reviewing the First Decade (2012)

The landscape of reimagining and realizing new churches, Christian communities and forms of church has seen significant evolution since the church planting of the 1990s.

This study reports on the developments since 2000, analyzing the lessons that can be learned and setting out the prospects and challenges that lie ahead.
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Author: Revd George Lings

George is director of The Sheffield Centre, Church Army's research unit. He has been an Anglican minister of local churches in Essex, Surrey and Kent, and has had wide practical experience of church planting. Both George and Stuart have written extensively on aspects of church planting and mission.

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Author: Dr Stuart Murray

Stuart spent 12 years as an urban church planter in Tower Hamlets (East London) and was Oasis Director of Church Planting and Evangelism at Spurgeon's College, London. He now oversees Urban Expression, a pioneering urban church planting agency, and is chair of the UK Anabaptist Network.

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