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Ev 94 Growing Churches through House for Duty Ministry (2011)

House for Duty ministry in rural areas is often depicted as a way of saving money for a church struggling with historic but antiquated buildings, limited resources, negative attitudes to change and ageing and dwindling congregations.

But it is just possible that, under God, what looks like a cul-de-sac could be a road to growth, so it is with that faith and that conviction that we humbly tell this story of new life and growth in what appeared to be unpromising soil.
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Author: Ken Hobbs

Ken Hobbs has been House for Duty 'Vicar' in the parish of Albury since 2001. A now retired school teacher, he has a lifetime's experience of working with young people in four schools on two continents as well as with a large suburban parish. He enjoys golf, gardening, travelling, swimming and Norwich City Football Club.

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