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Ev 89 Closing the Back Door of the Church (2010)

Many churches think they are growing because new people are coming in the front door‚ but they have not realised that others are leaving through the back! Finding ways of closing the back door will in fact lead to significant growth.

This wide-ranging study looks at the reasons why people leave, the questions this raises and what can be done about it. The reflection is complemented by comment from the experience of an urban congregation where these principles have been put into practice to great effect.
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Author: Bonnie Appleton

Bonnie Appleton was in parish ministry for ten years and for the last six years has been involved in parish development and advising in evangelism and fresh expressions of church for Diocese of Guildford. She is married with two adult children and is passionate about making Jesus better known and understood.

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Author: Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor is Vicar of the urban area of Broadfield, Crawley, in West Sussex and is Diocesan Officer for Emerging Leadership in the Diocese of Chichester. He works with a number of national organizations in developing emerging Christian leaders through'Encounter,' a year-long leadership, discipleship and formation scheme for 18-25 year olds.

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