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Ev 86 Transforming Preaching: Communicating God's Word in a Postmodern World (2009)

How can sermons once again unleash the power of Scripture in a way that leads to personal and corporate encounter with God? Probably not by remaining as 20-minute monologues!

This practical study looks the nature of the problem and what can be done about it: how can we make use of creativity, of storytelling, what we can learn from stand-up comedy, and how we can share and gather insights. A provocative but essential read!
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Author: Jonny Baker

Jonny Baker works for the Church Mission Society developing and supporting mission and new ways of being church. He lectures on mission and culture for the Centre for Youth Ministry and the church planting course Resource. He is a member of 'Grace,' an alternative worship community where he regularly preaches. He is the author of 'Alternative Worship,' a collection of liturgical resources, and contributed to 'Mass Culture' and 'The Rite Stuff.' He helped design Labyrinth, first installed in St Paul's Cathedral, runs, and blogs at

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