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Ev 83 Reaching the Saga Generation: Fresh Expressions of Church for Ageing Baby Boomers (2008)


With the baby boomer generation of post-war Britain came the first post-modern values and new attitudes. Forty years on, these 'first teenagers' are becoming known as the 'Saga generation.'

Ironically, they are being largely forgotten by many churches in the desire to reach the new younger generations. This study suggests it is time look again at this group and radically proclaim 'This church needs more older people!'

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Author: Chris Harrington

Capt Chris Harrington is a baby boomer who is now part of the 'Saga generation.' Brought up on a diet of Beatles and Monkees, the cardboard guitars of his childhood eventually became a reality. He is now helping to lead churches in Lincolnshire in worship and outreach as a Church Army Evangelist. He is married to Julia, a fellow cat lover.

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