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Ev 82 The Four Generations: Finding the Right Model for Mission (2008)

We are living in baffling times. On the one hand, some established models of evangelism seem to have no effect; on the other, Britain seems as 'furiously religious as ever.' How can we make sense of this and find a way forward?

John Finney draws on his many years' experience and wisdom in evangelism to set out an understanding of successive 'generations', each further from the church and Christian belief, and each needing its own distinctive approach to offer a clear map and see signs of hope.
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Author: Rt Revd John Finney

After 22 years in various parishes, John was Diocesan Missioner, Officer for the Decade of Evangelism and Bishop of Pontefract. He has been involved in the charismatic renewal movement for over 30 years. He is well known as a writer, researcher and speaker in the UK and abroad.

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