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Ev 77 A Call for Apostles Today (2007)

There are plenty of strategies for church growth, yet none has delivered the radical change that was hoped for. Is there another way of reaching people with the good news that we have missed?

This provocative study argues that there is: the pattern of apostles and apostolic bands working in parallel with, not under the authority of, the local church. Though a biblical pattern, alongside that of prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, it is one that has mostly been neglected or misunderstood. Now is the time to reclaim this as a central part of our missional strategy.
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Author: Martin Garner

Martin Garner is a Church Army officer who has been working in pioneering ministry for almost 20 years. He is passionate about communicating that God is for and available to everyone. He is a keen birdwatcher, and is married to Sharon and they have two teenage daughters, Emily and Abigail.

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