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Ev 76 Rural Evangelism in the 21st Century (2006)

Our rural communities look idyllic from a distance. In fact they are complex social mixes which are experiencing the challenge of change.

But there are fruitful approaches to evangelism in this context, ones that pay attention to context, and build on local witness. This booklet offers practical strategies, but ones that spring from a deep understanding of these communities.
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Author: Barry Osborne

Barry Osborne is a Congregational Minister with considerable experience in rural ministry and mission serving many denominations across Britain. Earlier years organizing and leading special outreach missions for village churches led into the development of processes that enable rural churches to design their own tailored mission strategies. Barry was also largely responsible for setting up the UK's Rural Evangelism Network, has been a guest lecturer at several theological colleges, speaks at conferences, and holds seminars while still continuing in rural pastoral ministry.

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