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Ev 73 Coded Messages: Evangelism and The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Why another book on the Da Vinci Code? Other books analyse the historical or geographical inaccuracies and theological errors, but these are not arguments which will sway most of those influenced by the book.

This study looks instead at how the book taps into a conspiracy culture which distrusts authority and organised religion. It explores how discussion about the book can best be used to build bridges, and how to set up an effective event to which to invite people.
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Author: Revd Steve Hollinghurst

Steve is Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christian Culture at the Church Army Sheffield Centre. He came to faith in his late teens after involvement in the occult and alternative religions. He is involved in Elemental, a venue offering Christian Spirituality at the Glastonbury festival and in Christian stalls at Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. He has an MA on the New Age and Paganism in Britain today.

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