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Ev 72 Pints of View: Encounters Down the Pub (2005)

Pubs are the Areopagus of our society - the place where debate takes place, where views expressed are public not private. So what better place to engage questions of faith?

But how to do it? What are the pitfalls, and what are the solutions? This study shares one story of how it has been done, and offers practical answers about how to start, who to involve, and what you might expect. It is supported by its own website where you can learn more and share your experiences.
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Author: Revd Nick Wills

Nick, PiC, St A's K, 34, GSOH, enjoys meeting engaging, interesting crowds for topical debate and lively discussion. Seeks similar (m or f) to read this book and do same. Interested?

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Author: Revd Peter Howell-Jones

When not hosting Pints of View, Peter enjoys disturbing the comfortable waters of church life by helping congregations engage faith, life and contemporary culture through strategic development consultations and Missional Leadership training.

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