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Ev 66 Creating a Culture of Welcome in the Local Church (2004)


Juggling with books, not knowing when to sit or stand, being glared at for sitting in the wrong seat - for many people, their first visit to a church service is about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist. But why do churches become so unfriendly, and how can we create a culture of welcome?

This practical study looks at the reality of people's experience, the roots of the problem, and offers workable strategies for bringing about a change in culture. It includes a 'welcome audit' that can be copied and used, and supporting material on the Grove web site to help tackle this crucial issue.

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Author: Revd Alison Gilchrist

Alison trained for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham. Previously she was employed simultaneously as Outreach Worker at St Thomas' Church, Blackpool and as a schools worker. A wife and mother, she enjoys people and old photographs, collects books about Peter (the Rock), and is passionate about reaching 'the lost.'

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