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Ev 65 Laughing at Unbelief: Is There a Place for Satire in Evangelism? (2004)


Surely we shouldn't laugh at other people's beliefs? At some important points, the Bible appears to encourage us to do just that! Satire is in fact a powerful weapon in exposing hypocrisy and uncovering unbelief.

Simon Foulkes and Gary Jenkins show how prevalent satire is in contemporary culture, how the Bible uses it, and why it might be the perfect tool in a post-modern culture. They also consider carefully how to use it in a loving way - and how much fun it can be!

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Author: Revd Gary Jenkins

Gary is Vicar of Holy Trinity, Redhill. He has previously served in two other parishes in the Diocese of Southwark and before that was a science teacher. He is married with two daughters.

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Author: Revd Simon Foulkes

Simon is Parish Evangelism Adviser and Diocesan Evangelist in the Missionary Diocese of Wakefield, and Team Rector of Almondbury with Farnley Tyas.

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