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Ev 64 New Age, Paganism and Christian Mission (2003)

Paganism and New Age beliefs are found everywhere as part of the burgeoning of post-modern spiritualities. But there is often much misunderstanding of what they involve, how they differ from one another and how the Christian gospel speaks to them.

Written out of both personal experience and biblical reflection, this study outlines the contours of these belief systems and offers practical strategies for fruitful engagement in Christian mission.
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Author: Revd Steve Hollinghurst

Steve is Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christian Culture at the Church Army Sheffield Centre. He came to faith in his late teens after involvement in the occult and alternative religions. He is involved in Elemental, a venue offering Christian Spirituality at the Glastonbury festival and in Christian stalls at Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. He has an MA on the New Age and Paganism in Britain today.

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