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Ev 63 Turnaround Teams: A Tale of Two Churches in the Missionary Diocese of Wakefield (2003)

The 'Turnaround Team' is an innovative response to the challenge of struggling churches that are facing an interregnum. With lay members drawn from other local churches, it turns a potential problem into an opportunity for new life and growth.

This booklet describes how the idea of 'Turnaround Teams' came into existence, how it has worked out in two pilot parishes, and the lessons to be learnt. Without offering a blueprint for success, it highlights some important lessons in turning parishes round—team building, shared vision and growing mutual trust in the face of change.
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Author: Revd Anne Wood

Anne is currently Team Vicar at St Paul's, Morley. She was one of the first Turnaround Team ministers to be licensed in the Wakefield Diocese and has seen as struggling church come to new life over the two years of the Turnaround Team project.

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Author: Revd Christine Smith

Christine served her curacy at All Saints, Wakefield and is now Priest-in-Charge at St Mark's, Siddal. As turnaround team minister she has been privileged to witness God at work both through the team and in the parish.

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Author: Revd Simon Foulkes

Simon is Parish Evangelism Adviser and Diocesan Evangelist in the Missionary Diocese of Wakefield, and Team Rector of Almondbury with Farnley Tyas.

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