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Ev 62 Reaching Those Affected by Prison (2003)


With the prison population at around 70,000 at any one time, when turnover and the families involved are taken into consideration the number directly affected by the experience of prison in Britain is well over half a million in any one year. This is a huge but sadly neglected area of ministry, with links between prison chaplains and local churches often poor.

This practical booklet looks at the issues involved, the initiatives that are in place, and what local churches can do to help make the gospel known by word and deed to offenders, ex-offenders and their families.

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Author: Capt Ralph Upton

Ralph is a Church Army Officer, commissioned in July 1992. He was a chaplain at Liverpool Prison for six years and then Homelessness Officer for Liverpool Diocese for four years. In October 2002 he set up the Valley of Hope Project working with ex-offenders and substance misusers in the Valleys of South Wales.

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