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Ev 60 Mission in a Conspiracy Culture (2002)


In the twenty-first century, suspicion is rife. Conspiracy thinking used to be limited to a few on the fringe who saw an external threat to the normal way of life in the West. But there is now a much more widespread distrust of people and institutions in society—even of 'normality' itself. This sense of suspicion is mirrored in some influential aspects of Christian thinking about the end times and spiritual warfare.

This study looks at how conspiracy thinking has changed, how it has effected attitudes to truth and authority, and the implications this might have for how we share the gospel. It is an attempt to engage with a small but important aspect of contemporary culture.

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Author: Revd Pedr Beckley

Pedr is vicar of St Gabriel's, Greystones in Sheffield and the Sheffield Diocesan Adviser on New Religious Movements. He co-ordinates a national group of advisers and University Chaplains through INFORM and also teaches at the Church Army Training College in Sheffield on the occult and paranormal. His previous publications include 'Unlocking the Future: What Your Horoscope tells You' which was a Lion Pocketbook.

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