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Ev 59 Faith and Film: Close Encounters of an Evangelistic Kind (2002)

Film is now the 'medium of the masses', with cinema attendances reaching 3 million every week. Though Christians are often wary of the content of films, they are a key contemporary way of telling stories, and thus present the churches with both a challenge and an evangelistic opportunity.

After addressing some key issues, including the ethical question of the influence of what we watch, this booklet looks at the ways in which discussing films can open surprising opportunities to build bridges and share faith. It concludes by setting out practical ways to use film in the local church, and suggests some useful further resources.
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Author: Capt Ian Maher

Ian is a Church Army evangelist currently working as the Multifaith Chaplaincy Co-ordinator at Sheffield Hallam University. He was previously Head of Academic Programmes at Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism, Sheffield. Ian's has also worked as Parish Evangelist in SE London, and is the author of 'Reel Issues: Engaging Faith and Film' (Bible Society, 1998). Ian is married to Ann and they have two grown-up daughters.

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