Ev 58 Preaching for the Unchurched in an Entertainment Culture

Most people outside the church imagine it to be dull, bland and irrelevant. Lengthy monologues from a pulpit do not compete well with the pace, variety and excitement of on-screen entertainment. So what do we need to do to engage with the unchurched, and particularly with the electronic generation?

This well-researched study recounts one approach and the lessons learnt, and offers careful reflection together with advice and resources for this challenging task.
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Author: Revd Dr Roger Standing

Roger began his ministry working as an Evangelist at the Methodist Central Hall in Liverpool. Following pastorates in Leeds and Croydon he is now Regional Minister/Team Leader with the Southern Counties Baptist Association. He has been involved with training those in ministry for many years, most recently with Spurgeon's College and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

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