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Ev 55 Exploring Natural Church Development (2001)

Many churches and their leaders are tired of evangelistic programmes that do not deliver their promises, church growth theories that do not have a gospel feel, and the sense that there is no alternative to Alpha.

But Natural Church Development offers something different. Based on research in over 1,000 churches from around the world, it sets out not a program but principles that can be adapted to the local context. This study outlines the main features of NCD, looks at some examples of local churches where it has been used, and asks some hard questions.

NCD is not without its limitations, but is nevertheless a very significant tool in the hands of the thoughtful church leader. This booklet shows you how.
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Author: Revd Mike Booker

Mike is Team Rector of a rural team ministry in Cambridgeshire. He was previously Director of Mission and Pastoral Studies at Ridley Hall College, Cambridge. Mike is married to Liz, has three children and a golden retriever.

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