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Ev 50 Affirming the Evangelist: Responses to 'Good News People' (2000)


'Good News People' is the report of a Church of England working party of the House of Bishops on the role of evangelist. This assessment looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the report, and in doing so highlights some of the key issues surrounding this ministry. It will be of interest to all those concerned with the ministry of the evangelist in the Church of England.

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Author: Revd Daniel Cozens

Daniel is an Anglican evangelist. He is the recent missioner in the Diocese of Ely, a Canterbury Six Preacher and a founder member of the Archbishop's College of Evangelists. He is also the founder of Through Faith Missions and the Walk of 1000 Men and has conducted many missions, mainly in the UK.

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Author: Revd David Jeans

David is Principal of Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism, Church Army's college in Sheffield. He helps select and train evangelists for Church Army and is a member of the Training Committee of the Diocese of Sheffield. Until 1996 he was Vicar of Wadsley in north-west Sheffield.

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Author: Capt Ian Maher

Ian is a Church Army evangelist currently working as the Multifaith Chaplaincy Co-ordinator at Sheffield Hallam University. He was previously Head of Academic Programmes at Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism, Sheffield. Ian's has also worked as Parish Evangelist in SE London, and is the author of 'Reel Issues: Engaging Faith and Film' (Bible Society, 1998). Ian is married to Ann and they have two grown-up daughters.

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