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Ev 49 Hope from the Margins: New Ways of Being Church (2000)

The Decade is over, church planting has disappointed, and everyone wants to be 'post'-something. What is the future for evangelism?

This booklet finds hope in some new ways of being church, many of them on the margins of church and national life. It relates them to an understanding of church that includes community and mission as well as worship, and concludes by assessing the challenges that lie ahead. This is a thoughtful, clear and practical overview of the issues.
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Author: Revd Anne Wilkinson-Hayes

Anne is a Baptist minister in south Oxford. Originally trained in Development Economics, she has worked for Christian Aid and served on various boards of Traidcraft, Tearfund and Christian Aid. She has recently undertaken research looking at Christian communities and at emerging forms of church.

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Author: Dr Stuart Murray

Stuart spent 12 years as an urban church planter in Tower Hamlets (East London) and was Oasis Director of Church Planting and Evangelism at Spurgeon's College, London. He now oversees Urban Expression, a pioneering urban church planting agency, and is chair of the UK Anabaptist Network.

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