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Ev 45 Kidz Klubs: The Alpha of Children's Evangelism? (2001)

'We cannot keep up with the number of kids that want to come to church...'

Would you like to be able to say this? Kidz Klubs offer the possibility—not a magical answer to children's work, but a proven and effective framework for communicating God's love to children currently way beyond the church's reach. This booklet shows what is involved in making the model work in your situation.

'It is a lot easier to make boys and girls than to repair men and women.' Bill Wilson, founder of Kidz Klubs.
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Author: Canon Geoff Pearson

Geoff is Vicar of St Bartholomew's, Roby in the Liverpool Diocese. He is passionate about the Kidz Klub model and sees it as a key factor in re-introducing Christianity in our nation. He also supports Liverpool FC.

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Author: Revd Philip Clark

Philip is a Church Army evangelist and Minister at Trinity Church Page Moss. Having seen the impact Kidz Klub has had on hundreds of local children, he is keen to share the model. He is married to Monika and has two fantastic children.

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