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Ev 28 Liberating the Gospel for Women (1994)

The feminist challenge to Christian belief has largely gone unanswered in the church. This booklet looks at the nature of this challenge, and practical ways the church might respond to make Christian belief attractive to a wide range of women.

While many women today assume that Christianity is inherently patriarchal, and partly responsible for the oppression of women over the past two thousand years, this booklet suggests a different reading of Scripture and history, and points to ways in which the church might take a lead in redeeming history and affirming the full dignity and equality of women.
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Author: Revd Rosie Ward

Rosie is Leadership Develoment Adviser at CPAS, with a special brief for developing women in leadership in the church. Before that she worked in parish ministry for 12 years, during which time she also wrote a book on women in evangelism.

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