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Ev 114 Hosting Mary and Joseph: Posada—An Advent Experience for Your Community (2016)


In the increasingly commercialized weeks before Christmas, it can be difficult to make the coming of Christ visible amidst the festive clamour. 

Posada—Spanish for ‘lodging place’—involves taking the figures of Joseph, Mary and the unborn Jesus on an advent journey out of church and into the public realm. A South American tradition dating back more than four centuries, Posada can serve as a form of outreach into the community, a means of making new connections and strengthening existing ones, and a way to find stillness in December’s busyness.

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Author: Jacqui Horton

Jacqui Horton has pastoral charge of five churches in South Norfolk having previously worked as a minister in Sussex and Hampshire. For twenty years she was part of the leadership team of Bar Hill LEP in Cambridgeshire. She is passionate about new ways of doing mission in contemporary culture.

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Author: Susanna Gunner

Susanna Gunner is an Anglican priest with a background in education. She has offered diocesan training sessions for those new to Posada and, some years ago, introduced the Posada experience to the parish where she serves and where it now plays an important part in the town’s Advent preparations.

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