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Ev 113 Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas: Personal Reflections and a Practical Guide (2016)


The fresh, uncharted territory of new housing developments is arguably the ideal context for pioneer ministry. But serving and blessing a community that might not yet exist can present challenges as well as opportunities.

This engaging booklet gives practical advice for regional leaders who are considering how to serve emerging areas in their jurisdiction, as well as pioneer ministers who are working in new communities. 

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Author: Alison Boulton

Alison Boulton has been a pioneer minister on a new housing development for seven years after a year’s planning. Ali is the Regional Minister with a brief for pioneer-mission enabling with Southern Counties and West of England Baptist Associations, while further developing her ministry in Swindon.

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Author: Penny Marsh

Penny Marsh planted a church in the Royal Docks, London, and continues to engage with new housing in Ebbsfleet, Kent, as part of her work for the South Eastern Baptist Association. Penny is also the Baptist representative on the Churches Group for New Housing Areas facilitated by Churches Together in England.

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