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Ev 112 Using the Jesus Deck: Unfolding the Story of Jesus Through Playing Cards (2015)


In our ‘post-Christian’ culture, with its pick-and-mix approach to spirituality and belief, the story of Jesus has never been more relevant. But engaging people with little or no prior knowledge of Christianity is never easy.

Uniquely visual and unexpected in its approach, the Jesus Deck can be used in a range of settings, from Body, Mind and Spirit events to pub psychic evenings and one-to-one evangelism. This booklet explores how it can be used to encourage sharing personal stories, and the story of Jesus.

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Author: Penny Horseman

Penny Horseman has been a Church Army evangelist since 1994. She has worked in Sheffield and Oxfordshire, and as an evangelism adviser in the Diocese of Chelmsford for 13 years. Prior to Church Army ministry, Penny was a primary school teacher and freelance craftsman. She is married to Colin and they have two adult children and two granddaughters.

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