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Ev 104 City of Angels: Blessing Your Community by Hosting an Angel Festival (2013)


People often believe in angels when they cannot believe in God. For Christians, angels are the messengers, not the message itself, but folk-religious beliefs about angels can be good news, because they provide areas of common ground and an important place of encounter.

Holy Trinity Church, Ripon hosted an Angel Festival to bless the city and start a conversation asking what messages God might have for us today. This booklet explains how the festival was conceived and organized and what the church learned from it, in the hope of inspiring generous yet engaging ways of blessing the community whatever your local context.

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Author: Mark Tanner

Mark is Vicar of St Mary's Wheatley in Doncaster and has previously served on Merseyside and as a Youth Worker in the centre of Coventry. He is married to Lindsay and they have two young children and a dog to keep them occupied. He has been a member of the Renewal Group since the beginning and is keen to see the series engage with a range of networks and perspectives. He also loves scuba diving, walking and Landrovers.

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Author: Nicola David

Nicola David is a member of Holy Trinity Ripon, and is married with one daughter. She is passionate about evangelism, and co-founded Church on the Net in 2007. She has a degree in business studies and the Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having held senior positions in international marketing, she has also worked in design and advertising agencies, and is now a freelance copywriter for advertising and design.

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