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Ev 103 Mission-shaped Unity: Missio Dei and a New Way of Being Churches Together (2013)

While the drive for ecumenism that characterized the Council of Churches for much of the twentieth century saw mixed results, the recent impact on evangelism of Missio Dei theology has had unexpected consequences for Christian unity.

This booklet explores Missio Dei and how it is currently shaping changes in Churches Together at national, regional and local levels. It aims to raise questions that will inspire readers to bring about new ways of being churches together.
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Author: Colin Marsh

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Author: Capt Jim Currin

For more than 20 years Jim has helped congregations develop local strategies for mission. Formerly Carlisle Diocesan Officer for Evangelism, he is currently the Executive Secretary of the Churches Together in England Group for Evangelisation, and enjoys sailing and riding his motorbike, when not aka Capo the Clown. He is also convener of the Grove/Church Army Evangelism Group which produces this series.

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