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Ev 102 Mosaic Evangelism: Sharing Jesus with a Multi-Faceted Society (2013)

What happens when existing methods of evangelism no longer translate in a society that has largely moved into a post-Christian phase? And how can churches reach a population fragmented in views and experiences, and in attitude to Christ?

This booklet calls for a bespoke, contextual approach to evangelism—a “mosaic” of diverse and creative evangelistic initiatives that meets people in the context of their own lives. When viewed together, this mosaic will clearly demonstrate the picture of the gospel to the wider community, presenting a truly incarnational engagement with Christ.
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Author: Revd Dr Roger Standing

Roger began his ministry working as an Evangelist at the Methodist Central Hall in Liverpool. Following pastorates in Leeds and Croydon he is now Regional Minister/Team Leader with the Southern Counties Baptist Association. He has been involved with training those in ministry for many years, most recently with Spurgeon's College and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

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