eD 57 Courageous Advocacy and Political Neutrality in Schools: A Guide for Leaders and Governors


All schools want to give their pupils a voice, but it is hard to give them guidance on what to say and do. This book offers school leaders advice on how to help their pupils to be courageous advocates so that they can change their community and the world for the better. By showing how this advocacy can grow from a school’s vision, and offering advice on how to remain politically impartial, the book aims to help leaders to avoid pitfalls and empower pupils to become effective agents for change.

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Author: Richard Hopkins

Richard Hopkins has worked as a headteacher in Church of England schools. He now works as a diocesan education advisor and as a church school inspector. He is a lay preacher in his local parish church. He has a degree in politics, philosophy and economics from the University of Oxford.

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