eD 51 Open the Book: Bringing the Bible to Life Through Storytelling in Schools (2022)


For more than twenty years, Open the Book storytellers have been bringing Bible stories to life for primary school children in the UK, and increasingly overseas.

This practical guide explains how Open the Book works, how it interacts with the whole-school curriculum, and how it contributes to the spiritual development of children. It also explores how engaging with Bible stories in a personal manner can have a profound effect on the storytellers themselves, many of whom testify to the deepening of their own faith.

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Author: Katharine Sax

After working as a surveyor, Katharine Sax was ordained deacon in Uganda in 2003, attended Ripon College, Oxford and completed an MA in Ministry. An ordained priest in the Church of England since 2006, she has served in several different dioceses and been an Open the Book trainer for 10 years.

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