eD 38 Thinking About Science and Christianity in Schools (2019)


Science and religious faith are often pitted against one another, with science offering a ‘true’ and universal way of describing the world, with Christian faith relegated to the margins of personal experience. 

This engaging study, born out of long experience and careful reflection, demonstrates the more positive relationship between the two, in which they both share key aspects of method and use of language, and offer complementary and inter-dependent explanations of the world we live in and experience.

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Author: Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown is an Assistant Head of Sixth Form in a secondary school in Derbyshire. Having begun academic life as a natural scientist he now specialises in religious studies. His department has been awarded both the Farmington Award for Religious Studies and the Templeton Award for Science and Religion in Schools. He has co-authored two volumes of RE games, a teachers' guide entitled'God Talk, Science Talk' and more recently contributed to and edited the'Science and Religion in Schools Project.' His passion in education has always been to encourage others to think for themselves.

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