eD 37 Church in School: From Separate Buildings to Shared Premises


What is the effect of establishing a church-in-school in which the church worships solely on school premises? How does it impact on the church, the school, and the wider community that they both serve? What are the benefits and challenges for the churches and schools involved? And, once a church-in-school has been established, how can an effective partnership be maintained?

This booklet sets out to answer these questions by exploring the experiences of three very different church-in-school partnerships. It also points the reader to further resources aimed at encouraging new partnerships and establishing guidelines for good practice.

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Author: Judie Horrocks

Judie Horrocks was, from 2014 to 2017, the Church in School Development Worker in the Diocese of Manchester. Before that she served for over thirty years as a parish priest, and a healthcare and higher education chaplain. She now lives in Fuerteventura in the Diocese in Europe.

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