eD 35 Grow Your Own School Leaders: Learning from Experience in Church Schools (2018)


Drawing on experience of, and research into, developing leaders for Church of England schools, Alison identifies some key lessons about nurturing and developing school leaders: respecting each individual’s faith journey; helping them access the theological rationale for church schools (the why behind the what and how); the importance of mentoring relationships; excellent role models; and opportunities for aspiring school leaders to experience faith-inspired professional practice in well-led church schools.

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Author: Alison Farnell

Alison Farnell has been a school governor for over 30 years, involved with three very different schools. During that time, she has been involved in training governors whilst working at CARE for Education, in Coventry Diocese and for Warwickshire Local Authority. She was founding Chair of Warwickshire Governors' Association, present at the birth of the National Governors' Council and has recent experience of higher education governance.

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