eD 21 Christian Values for Church Schools: Making Them Count (2014)


Young people today face many challenges, both from the society in which they live and the education system that they experience. Schools often say that they are “doing Christian values” as a way of helping them to face these challenges.

This book seeks to encourage schools in this work and to challenge them to “make them count” by rooting their values within a sound theological framework and with reference to cardinal and theological virtues.

Potential audience

Headteachers, teachers, Diocesan Education Officers, governors, clergy

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Author: Neville Norcross

Neville Norcross has a background in primary education where he taught for 37 years. He was a headteacher in church schools for 25 years. He now works as an adviser in both Blackburn and Liverpool dioceses and as a consultant for the National Society. He was instrumental in developing the Christian Values for Schools website and was part of the team that produced the new SIAMS framework for church schools.

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