eD 13 What are Universities Good For? (2012)


Education seems to be changing with alarming speed. How can we keep up with what is happening and why—and reflect on this from a Christian perspective?

This helpful study traces the key moments in thinking about education in government and church, and draws on key thinkers—David Ford, Rowan Williams and Mike Higton—to highlight the central challenges we are facing.

Potential audience:

Higher education staff, education policy makers, some DBE members and Diocesan Education Officers (if they have an HEI in their diocese).

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Author: Stephen Heap

Stephen Heap is the Church of England’s National Higher Education Adviser. His previous roles in education include Senior Baptist chaplain to the universities of London, ecumenical co-ordinating chaplain at the University of Bedfordshire in Bedford, and Director of Bedford Ecumenical Lay Institute for Education and Faith.

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