E 193 Wealth, Fundraising and the Problem of Major Donors (2019)


Fundraising, whether by local churches or international Christian ministries, is a major part of Christian social action in the world today. It is therefore something of a surprise that Christian organizations have not done more thinking about the ethics of their fundraising activities. 

This study offers a cogent critique of the general approach to major donors, who often have greater influence over a charity and receive preferential treatment. Is this ethically acceptable, and what alternative approaches are there? 

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Author: Justin Thacker

Justin Thacker’s first career was as a medical doctor, where he trained as a paediatrician. After working in Africa, he studied theology at LST and King’s College London. His main research interests relate to international development, economics, poverty, and public theology. His most recent book is ‘Global Poverty: A Theological Guide’ (SCM Press, 2017).

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