E 187 British Christian History and the Jewish People: Recovering an Ancient Spiritual Legacy (2017)


With the issue of the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago, in November 1917, the British Government committed to the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In this largely historical study James Patrick explores the background to this in almost 2000 years of British history and theological thinking, and the often half-hearted pursuance of the policy after 1920.

He paints what will be, for many, an alternative picture of the controversial history of Israel and its Arab neighbours, and asks how much an awareness of our long history and Christian heritage should shape our moral thinking in this and other areas.

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Author: James Patrick

James Patrick recently completed a DPhil in biblical studies, and is currently preparing his doctoral thesis for publication, while serving as an executive officer of the Society for Old Testament Study. He has been actively involved in a personal capacity in both church and synagogue in Cambridge and Oxford for more than fifteen years.

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