E 162 Deciding Differently: Rowan Williams' Theology of Moral Decision-making (2011)

Christian moral decision-making is often depicted as the equivalent of choosing the right kind of coffee from the supermarket shelf, an autonomous individual making rational choices.

But, says Rowan Williams, decisions are in fact made in community with other believers and are part of the process of growing in holiness. Handling differences in moral positions is not, therefore, about simply agreeing with one another, but about recognising whether such decisions are being made as part of a recognizable obedience to God as revealed in Scripture.
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Author: Dr Mike Higton

Mike Higton is Professor of Theology and Ministry at Durham University, where he heads up the Common Awards partnership, providing academic oversight of ministerial training programmes around the country. He teaches modern Christian theology and is the author of several books, including ‘A Theology of Higher Education’ and ‘Christian Doctrine.’

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